Barbecue Beef and Cheddar Biscuits


My Mom gets all the credit as the creator of this recipe.  She can basically do no wrong when it comes to cooking.  Well, when it comes to a lot of things, actually.  She is incredibly creative and talented.  In addition to being a wonderful cook, she sews her own gorgeous drapery, has cross-stitched some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen, and has a lovely singing voice.  She is an excellent, caring, and compassionate nurse, and has never met a stranger.  She is incredibly independent and strong.  She defied doctors and survived a cancer battle that they said would take her life almost twenty years ago.  An amazing mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and survivor.  Can you tell I’m one of her biggest fans?  😉

This recipe is especially great if you’re looking for something different.  I’m pretty sure I requested these more than anything else when I was a kid.  This isn’t just a kid-friendly recipe, though.  Last night was my first time making these for the fella, and he agreed that they are fantastic.  He ate four of them.  Just saying.


  • 1 pound ground beef, browned and drained
  • 1 cup barbecue sauce (check out my homemade sauce recipe here!)
  • 1 package of canned biscuits (8 count buttery Grands)
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese


  • Mix the cooked and drained ground beef, barbecue sauce, and 1/2 cup of cheese well in a mixing bowl.
  • Line a well-greased, standard-sized muffin pan with one canned biscuit per cup, pressing up on the sides and down in the middle to make a bowl.
Like an awesome, buttery, mini bread bowl.  It's a beautiful thing that's happening here.

Like an awesome, buttery, mini bread bowl. It’s a beautiful thing that’s happening here.

  • Fill each muffin cup with the cheesy barbecue beef. (You want the meat to be heaping!)
  • Top each cup with remaining cheese.
  • Bake at 350 degrees F for about 20 minutes, or until the biscuits are cooked through and the cheese is melted.

The biscuits will rise, so make sure you grease the whole muffin pan, not just the cups.  Remove these from the pan promptly because they will stick as they cool.  This recipe makes 8 biscuits.  These are quite filling alone, but you can serve a side salad with these if you’d like a veggie.  A salad with ranch dressing would pair nicely with the BBQ beef.  You can use any flavor barbecue sauce you like, but my homemade version works so well with this (and everything else 😉).

I want to thank my Mom for allowing me to share this with you guys.  It’s just too good not to.  This is quick and easy, but it sure does satisfy.  I was taken back about 20 years while I was making these last night.  I have some great memories of my family sitting around the dinner table enjoying these, laughing, and sharing thoughts about our day.  I hope you make them a little part of your family’s story as well.


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