Behind the Apron



I grew up in the kitchens of some awesome domestic goddesses: my mother and grandmothers. Everything I know, I learned from them. I am in no way a professional chef. I just love food, I love to cook, and I love to share with others.

You will find a little bit of everything on the blog: appetizers, lunches, dinners, sweet treats, and more. All of the recipes I post have been tested (probably multiple times) in my kitchen to be sure that I am giving you the best possible experience. While I try to make things from scratch most of the time, we all have busy lifestyles, and we all need quick and easy meals every now and then. There is no shame in breaking out a box on those days. You can still make a boxed meal your own creation by adding a few extras.

Your kitchen is your place to create and experiment. You can make anything your own by adding some special touches. My goal is to help you find your inner cook and inspire you to create. You don’t need professional training to make wonderful food. Now, browse the blog, find a recipe, and start cooking.

Long Live the Noms!

-Jessica ❤️