First of all, what is a “Nom?”the_cookie_monster_nom_nom_nom

I get this question every so often. You know that sound that Cookie Monster makes when he eats his beloved cookies? (“NomNomNom!”) It has become a popular internet term in regards to food over the last decade or so. I was looking for a fun name for the blog, and this popped in my head one day while brainstorming. A Nom is another word to describe yummy food, in my book.

So, Long Live the Noms!

How can I follow your blog so I don’t miss a post?

Scroll to the very bottom of the blog, and you will find a section on the right hand side that says, “follow blog via email.” Hit the “follow” button, and you can type in your email address. Any time I post a new recipe, you will receive a notification straight to your inbox.

How can I follow you on social media sites? 

If you scroll to the very bottom of the blog, you will see a section that says “follow LLTN on:” and there are buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Click those buttons, and it will take you to my social media sites where you can like my Facebook page, follow me on Instagram, and follow my Pinterest boards. I also have a BlogLovin’ account if you use that platform to keep track of your favorite blogs.

Where do I go if I’m looking for a specific recipe?

I have tried to make my home page user-friendly enough to be able to scroll through to find recipes easily. However, if you would rather search for a specific recipe, you can use the area labeled “search” located right beside the blog title on the top left of the page. Also, you can click “recipe box” located at the top right of the blog to see a list of categories such as appetizers, crock pot recipes, dinners, sweets, etc.

Do you take your own pictures?

I certainly do. All of my pictures are taken with my iPhone 5. I am not a professional photographer by any means, I just try to capture the beauty of the food so you can see it the way I do. I always try to use natural light whenever possible.

Do you mind if I share your recipes on my Facebook page or Pinterest board?

Not only don’t I mind, I encourage sharing on Facebook and Pinterest! Sharing on social media sites is the best way for my recipes to reach more people. Please, share away. There is a Facebook and Pinterest share button at the bottom of all of my recipe posts, along with other social media share buttons as well. Help me spread the word!

Do you mind if I share your recipes on my blog?

I don’t mind this because it’s another way of sharing my content with more people. Just please be sure to include the address to my blog and/or specific blog post when doing so. I always give credit where credit is due, and I respectfully ask the same to be done for me. If my recipe post includes a link to an original recipe, please include that link as well.

Can I use your pictures?

I kindly ask that my pictures stay on my site, unless we speak privately and come to an agreement of some sort. I put a lot of time and effort into my photos. Taking the pictures is half the fun (and half the battle) of the food blogging process.

What are some of your favorite food blogs?

In no particular order:

How can I contact you if I have more questions that aren’t addressed here?

You can visit my contact me page and email me directly. I welcome all ideas, comments, questions, and feedback. Your question may even end up here on the Q&A page!