Chicken and Waffles with Brown Butter Maple Glaze


Chicken and waffles is one of my all-time favorite meals.  The only kind I’ve ever had is my own, (except for that one time that I was feeling adventurous at Denny’s.  Don’t do this.  Just don’t).  I hope to make it to Roscoe’s in Atlanta one day, but until then, these will do just fine.  I’ve made three different versions of this dish over the last few years, and this one is my absolute favorite.


  • Chicken:
    -2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips (you should get about 4 strips per breast)
    -1 cup Bisquick
    -1 Tbsp paprika
    -1 Tbsp garlic salt
    -1 egg, beaten for egg wash
    -preferred oil for shallow frying
  • Waffles:
    -1 cup Bisquick
    -1 cup milk
    -1 Tbsp vegetable oil
    -1 egg
  • Brown butter maple glaze:
    -1 stick of butter
    -6 Tbsp maple syrup
    -6 Tbsp Bisquick (for thickening)


  • Chicken:
    -Heat just enough oil to cover the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 inch of your skillet on medium-high heat.
    -Thoroughly shake Bisquick, paprika, and garlic salt in a sealed gallon-sized Ziploc bag.
    -Place chicken strips in a bowl and cover with the beaten egg, tossing them around with your fingers to coat on all sides, and then place chicken into the Ziploc bag with Bisquick mix.
    -Seal the bag and shake to thoroughly coat chicken. You may want to shake half the amount of chicken at a time to make sure all sides are well coated.
    -Fry chicken until crispy and golden brown. You may need to adjust your oil temperature while frying.
  • Waffles:
    -Beat or mix all ingredients until smooth, and pour enough batter into the waffle iron to fill the bottom plate. Try not to over fill because batter will ooze out of the sides.  Don’t ask me how I know this.  😉  I find that I need to cook mine a little longer than the iron says to because I like my waffles a bit more crisp.
  • Glaze:
    -Melt butter in a small sauce pan and continue to cook until just browned. Be careful, because it can go from brown to burned quite quickly!
    -Add maple syrup and stir to combine.
    -Add Bisquick one Tbsp at a time, stirring constantly until mixture starts to thicken.
    -When it starts to bubble, take it off the heat and continue to stir until you get a nice glaze. Set to the side until you get your waffles and chicken plated.
Place the waffles on plates, top with 2 chicken strips each, and drizzle 1/4 of the glaze over top of each.

 This makes enough for about 4 people (4 waffles and 2 chicken strips a piece) depending what type of waffle iron you have.  We use a round, Belgian type.  If you want more chicken per person, just double the chicken recipe.  If you want more waffles, double the waffle recipe.  Since the measurements are all even, it’s easy to make more or less to suit your needs.  (This was no mistake, my friends.  I love even amounts of ingredients.  I’m not good with fractions, and I don’t want math all up in my food space.)  You can also feel free to use your own waffle recipe, but Bisquick is easy, and the recipe above is better than the recipe on the box.  That’s right, Betty Crocker. I said it.  I hope you make this and enjoy it as much as we do.  You should see how the Fella’s face lights up when I tell him it’s chicken and waffle night.

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